Connecticut to Pass Bill to Take DNA of Arrestees
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On March 9, 2011, State Rep. Frank Nicastro (D-Bristol, Forestville) and Rep. Ernest Hewett (D-New London) held a press conference which was followed by a Judiciary Committee Public Hearing in support of HB 6489, or "Katie's Law" an Act requiring DNA testing of persons arrested for the commission of a serious felony. This bill would aid in identifying violent criminals and help close unsolved cold cases by having DNA screened against the DNA database.

Ms. Jayann Sepich, Katie's mother, and founder of gave testimony at a Judiciary Committee Public Hearing: "My daughter Katie was brutally raped and murdered. Our family knows the pain of burying a much loved child," said Jayann Sepich. "Twenty-four states and the federal government have passed legislation allowing DNA to be taken upon certain arrests. It works. It solves crimes, prevents crimes, saves lives and exonerates the innocent. It means other families will not walk our path."
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