Serial Rapist Linked to Victims by Touch DNA
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When Bernard Jackson, 53 years old, was arrested last year in 2010, in Kansas City, he was already on house arrest after being paroled from prison for an attempted rape conviction from 1985. This time, Touch DNA, linked Jackson to two of five sexual assaults in or near the Waldo area between September 2009 and February 2010.
During a press conference on February 17, Jackson County prosecutors charged Jackson with 22 new felonies relating to two of the five rapes, which include 10 counts of sodomy. Prosecutors say that they hope that the evidence, small traces of DNA left at the crime scene found through Touch DNA will help Jackson be convicted when the case goes to trial in March 2011. Touch DNA is DNA extracted from minuscule samples of skin cells left behind when someone touches an object.
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