DNA Links Dangerous Rapist to Crimes in New York and Texas
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 Police in Nassau County, New York announced that a DNA profile, entered in the national DNA Database, links the same man to five violent home invasions on Long Island, and the rape of a two- year-old girl in Texas one year ago. In one case, the suspect broke into a home in Great Neck and entered the bedroom of a sleeping 15-year old girl and placed a wet cloth over her face while sitting on top of her. She was able to scream for her parents and the suspect fled, but he left his baseball cap at the scene.  Police were able to get a sample of his DNA from that cap.

The suspect's DNA has been linked to a string of home invasions in Nassau County, including a hammer attack on a 51-year-old woman in Hempstead in July, 2010.  The woman attacked described the man as around 5' 2" tall, between 25-30 years old, and possibly Hispanic, police said. The woman had hired the man at a Home Depot to do some repair work at her home. She complained about the sloppy job and was hit repeatedly with a hammer fracturing her skull, according to police. The suspect left DNA on a Sprite bottle found at the scene.

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