Philadelphia Will Use Familial DNA to Find Serial Killer
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Philadelphia police announced that a serial killer's DNA has been linked to the murders of three women, but his DNA has not been found in any local, state or federal DNA databanks. Therefore, police have decided to use familial DNA searching, also called kinship DNA, which allows police to identify a possible suspect through a suspect's family members' DNA.
The software for this analysis is being offered to the Philadelphia police department for free by Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey
.  The Philadelphia DNA lab will apply the technology in the hopes that it will help them identify a family member of the suspect. The Lab will start with the local DNA databanks and move up to the state and federal databanks if necessary.  A new DNA lab director, Michael Garvey will soon join the task force to hunt for the serial killer. Garvey is a leading DNA expert and has experience in both FBI and CIA DNA labs.
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