A Review of a British Case Almost 50 Years After a Double Murder
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The family of James Hanratty, who was hanged for murdering two people in 1962, are calling for the case to be reviewed again. Hanratty, was a petty thief, who was found guilty of murdering scientist Michael Gregsten, 36, and his lover Valerie Storie, 22. It was alleged that after surprising the pair in a cornfield in Dorney Reach, Berkshire, Hanratty forced them to drive to another town, south of Bedford. Storie, a laboratory assistant was repeatedly raped and then shot along with Gregsten. Storie survived despite being shot five times.
Hanratty, 25, was hanged two months later for the crime but his family have always protested his innocence.  An appeal eight years ago was dismissed when the court ruled that there was evidence to show "beyond doubt" that Hanratty was guilty. At the time, the court said DNA analysis of garments recovered from the scene in 1961 had provided "certain proof" he had killed Gregsten.
Hanratty's family said the clothing could have been contaminated and they want the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) to order a fresh review of the evidence. The family's lawyers are preparing a case to go before the CCRC in the new year.  Hanratty's brother Michael told BBC Radio 4's Today program,  "We are talking about a crime scene sample being in the same folder as all Jimmy's fibers, blood samples, hairs all in the same folder."

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