Serial Killer's DNA Not a Match in 1987 Hettrick Murder
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On October 18, Channel 9 News in Denver reported that DNA found on the body of murder victim Peggy Hettrick did not match the DNA of serial killer Scott Kimball. Investigators have been trying to find her killer since Tim Masters was released from prison in 2008 after he was wrongly convicted for her 1987 murder.  The Denver Post recently reported the Colorado Attorney Generals' office and the FBI were investigating Kimball as a possible suspect in Hettrick's murder. Channel 9 News Legal Analyst Scott Robinson said: "Without forensic evidence connecting Kimball to either the crime scene or the location where the body was found, in light of his denials, they have nothing to work with."  It seems odd that investigators were even checking if Kimball was involved.  One of the DNA profile retrieved from Hettrick's clothes, through the process of Touch DNA, was that of her ex-boyfriend Matt Zoellner, the last person to have seen Hettrick alive. The case of Tim Masters has been documented in the CBS documentary "48 Hours: Drawn To Murder."
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