DNA Collected from 61 Prisoners Helps Solve 74 Crimes
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On July 21, 2011, Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, signed Public Act 127 of 2011, into law. Public Act 127 (2011), introduced as SB 346, requires all current prison inmates to provide a DNA sample by January 1, 2012 and all new inmates must provide a sample within 90 days of entering prison.
In less than 11 weeks, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) collected DNA samples from almost 5,000 prisoners who had never produced DNA samples. As a result of this effort, the Michigan State Police have linked 74 crimes to 61 state prisoners following analysis of DNA samples collected by the MDOC. DNA associations were made on: 5 murders, 23 rapes, 3 armed robberies, one assault and battery, 35 breaking and entering cases, 3 stolen vehicles, two larceny offenses, one drug case and one suspicious situation. These 74 criminal offenses connect to investigations from 35 law enforcement agencies across the state and two out-of-state agencies.
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