Police in Great Britain Analyze 4,500 Cold Cases
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In London, the Metropolitan Police rape-review team, which is comprised of eight detectives, have examined 4,500 unsolved sex attacks. From this effort, forensic scientists have been able to retrieve full DNA profiles of more than 100 suspected rapists.  The DNA profiles were uncovered during a re-examination of documents and material from archives of unsolved crimes from the 1980s and 1990s using forensic techniques not available at the time. Their identities still remain unknown because there is no match within Great Britain's national DNA database which contains more than five million samples from crime scenes or individuals arrested or detained by police since 1995.
Detective Inspector John Floukes of the Metropolitan Police's rape-review team explains: "It's potentially 100 guys sitting at home that one day could get a knock on the door, or it may be that they are dead or spent a very short time in the country and left."
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