Georgia's State DNA Lab Needs More Funding to Analyze Backlogs
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The Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault (GNESA) hosted a two-day meeting in Atlanta, about the importance of federal funding in reducing Georgia's backlog of unsolved cases, and the absolute need for the State to provide improved funding for its DNA program.  Jennifer Bivins, GNESA's Executive Director, acknowledged that Georgia's DNA program provides victims with an important step forward in their healing process when attackers are named through DNA. But Georgia's commitment to state funding is weak in comparison with that of other state labs.
Victims of crimes and their families were present at the meeting to provide their support to get better funding for the Georgia forensic DNA program. The victims included:  Mrs. Debbie Smith, a rape survivor and namesake of the federal Debbie Smith DNA Backlog Elimination Act, Mrs. Jayann Sepich, mother of murder victim Katie Sepich, namesake of Katie's Law and founder of, Mike and Joan Berry, parents of the murder victim Johnia Berry who are responsible for the Johnia Berry Act 2007 and Savanna rape victim Susan Cash.
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