DNA Samples from Arrestees Solve Cold Cases in Ohio
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In Ohio, Senate Bill 77 went into effect on July 1, 2011 which means that DNA can be collected upon a felony arrest.  To date, 132 people have been arrested in connection to cold cases which include rapes, murders, robberies and burglaries. The Ohio State Attorney General, Mike DeWine, announced that the Crime Lab is processing 63 percent more DNA, and connects those samples to an average of 127 cases per month due to the new law. In addition, the DNA lab receives 4,500 DNA samples every month. 
In addition, Senate Bill 268 has been passed in the state Senate is now being considered by the state House of Representatives. This bill would allow genetic material to be collected from those people charged with a felony, but not arrested. This includes people summoned to court rather than held in jail.  The legislation emphasized that those whose DNA was taken but were not convicted of the felony can petition judges to seal those records and/or remove the DNA sample from the database.
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