Serial Killer Ted Bundy's DNA Entered into National DNA Database
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On Friday, August 5th, 2011, the DNA of the serial killer Ted Bundy was entered into the National DNA Database.  Ted Bundy died in the electric chair in Florida in 1989. Recently, investigators found a blood vile from Bundy that was sitting in an old case file and scientists were able to extract a DNA profile.  Ron Sloan, Director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation stated that Colorado law enforcement would be interested to see if Bundy's DNA profile would match any unsolved cold cases.  Authorities linked Bundy to three murders in Colorado in 1975.  Mitch Morrissey, Denver District Attorney, said that Bundy was a sexual offender who murdered his victims, so DNA is perfect to identify that kind of individual.  The future will tell if this ill-famed serial killer had committed more crimes.
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