The National DNA Data Bank of Canada Annual Report
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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The National DNA Data Bank (NDDB) of Canada has recently published their Annual Report 2009 -2010.  According to the report, since January 1, 2008, the Convicted Offenders Index has increased by 54 percent, and the Crime Scene Index has increased by 41 percent. During this time, the number of Offender Hits has increased by 74 percent and the number of Forensic Hits by 67 percent. A portion of the increase in samples can be attributed to the full proclamation of Bills C-13 and C-18 in 2008 that expanded the list of crimes for which convicted offenders could be ordered to submit a DNA sample. The NDDB continues to demonstrate its effectiveness in providing assistance to criminal investigations. This year, the comparison of the DNA profiles contained in the Convicted Offenders Index to profiles from the Crime Scene Index has led to 3,095 matches between convicted offenders and crime scenes, an increase of approximately 19% over the last reporting period. Forty-three percent of these matches provided assistance in the investigation of crimes against persons, such as homicides, sexual offences, robberies and assaults while the majority of the remaining matches provided a lead in break and enter investigations.

Read the report here.

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