Virginia State Crime Commission To Decide On Familial DNA Searching
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Today, the Virginia State Crime Commission listened to prosecutors, criminal experts and victims, like the father of murder victim Morgan Harrington, who are strong proponents of using Familial DNA Searching. If a law on Familial Searches is passed then Virginia law enforcement will search their DNA database for near-matches of people who might be a parent, child or sibling of a perpetrator who left DNA at a crime scene. Prosecutors in Virginia are hoping that by using Familial DNA Searching the killer and rapist of Morgan Harrington and the East Coast Rapist  who has struck 19 times since 1997 in Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island will be identified.

Please click here to read the informative presentations of Lisa Schiermeier-Wood, Forensic Biology Section Supervisor, Virginia Department of Forensic Science, Denver prosecutor Mitchell R. Morrissey and retired California prosecutor Rockne Harmon, an expert on DNA and Familial Searches who addressed the Virginia State Crime Commission on why Familial DNA Searching should be used to generate leads to identify perpetrators.

Please view the Virginia CBS-6 news report here.

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