DNA Links Man to 36 Year Old murder
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Friday, October 29, 2010

On July 10, 1974, 51 year-old Anita Andrews was murdered in Napa Valley, California.  In 2009, a Napa Police investigator provided the California Department of Justice Crime Lab with biological evidence from this cold case.  Lab technicians were able to extract a DNA profile from the 36 year old material.  The DNA profile was submitted to CODIS, the national DNA database and it was found to match a Texas native named Roy Allen Melanson, Melanson was 73 years old and already serving a life sentence at Fort Lyons Correctional Institute in Colorado for another murder. The district attorney’s office in Napa filed charges in July, and Melanson was extradited to California in September.  After a two-day hearing in October, a Grand Jury found that there was sufficient evidence to hold Melanson in connection with the Andrews murder.  Now, he is headed to trial on a single count of murder for the death of Anita Andrews.

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